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Rocketbook The Best Paperless Notebook

The Best Paperless Notebook is Rocketbook 🚀 Taking notes in a physical notebook is a common practice in the business world, as it comes naturally to many people. It’s that solid connection with the written word. Whether you’re at your desk, working through that next exciting new idea for your business, or sitting down with…

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Vimeo vs YouTube; Are your videos on the right platform?

Vimeo vs YouTube

Vimeo vs YouTube: Are your videos on the right platform? Vimeo and YouTube are video-sharing and hosting platforms but have some key differences. In this article, I’ll address each platform’s key differences and advantages and how this can benefit you and your business. YouTube is a more popular platform with a massive user base and…

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Video the Lead Generator: Using video in your marketing mix

Video the Lead Generator

Why is Video the lead generator? Have you harnessed the power of video? The trend has been on the rise for years now. CKP was one of the pioneers of utilising video for marketing as far back as 2012. In 2016, I was fortunate to deliver a presentation specialising in the Power of Video at…

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Avoid Angry Customers – How to update Holiday Hours

Google Business Profile Avoid Angry Customers – How to update your Holiday Hours Don’t keep your customers guessing. Make it easy for them to plan and for you to serve them better. One of the best ways to convey when you are open or closed is your Google Business Profile is your number-one go-to choice…

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Short Website Domains Are Here

LATEST .au NEWS.. having the short website domains names for the win! The .au Priority Allocation Process finished on the 20th of September, 2022. The Priority Allocation of .au domains provides registrants of purchased licenses before launch priority to apply for the matching .au direct name. After this date, anyone can buy your .au domain…

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Is your Website Secure and Compliant?

is your website secure and compliant

Is your website secure and compliant?   If you have a website, there are a few legal considerations and compliance obligations that you need to discuss with an industry expert or legal professional. No matter what sort of business service you offer. Australian businesses need privacy policies and the ACCC and the Australian Government are vigilant…

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3 Simple Reasons – Why Video Works.

3 simple reasons why video works

3 Simple Reasons – Why Video Works When was the last time you watched a video online? I bet it was today or maybe yesterday! Quite simply, a video is one of your most proficient marketing tools and we see the results every day in our work with clients. There are 3 simple reasons why…

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The Power of Live stream content creation.

live stream content creation

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Talking with local LinkedIn Specialist Kylie Chown

Local LinkedIn Specialist

Stuart George: Today we’ve got the lovely Kylie Chown. Kylie is a local LinkedIn specialist. I’d love to hear more about how you actually got started in the LinkedIn Specialist business. Kylie Chown: Thanks for having me. Initially I had a career management business. As a result of that, when LinkedIn came out, we found we were…

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