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Rocketbook – The Best Paperless Notebook

June 24, 2022 / Stuart George /

The Best Paperless Notebook is Rocketbook 🚀

Writing notes in a paper notebook comes naturally to everyone in business. It’s that solid connection with the written word. At your desk, working through that next exciting new idea for your business or sitting down with a client over coffee, taking down those thoughts, strategies and goals and getting ready to take action.  We would like to introduce you to the best paperless notebook we have seen, period.

Writing activates the Brain.

Recent studies by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have shown that writing helps increase information retention. It activates the brain; writing in cursive has the most impact. The N.U.S.T. used the latest in brain activity monitoring, an HD EEG. This device showed a surge in brain activity when writing.

Writing by hand activates your brain’s motor cortex to make your hand move. It also requires you to activate your visual cortex to visualise the letters in your mind’s eye. Writing also starts the language networks in the central and temporal lobes so that you can compose and write sentences and activate your brain’s networks associated with reading and spelling.

You need a notebook that works.

While digital note-taking – writing directly onto a device has become common, it’s not always a convenient solution. Nothing is worse than a flat battery stopping a meeting in its tracks. Rocketbook offers a hybrid solution, allowing the pen and paper feel with a sustainable approach and a digital flow. There are many versions of the Rocketbook, and the latest updates include a model that features a magnetic swap-out page pack and a clipboard. The Rocketbook Pro looks fantastic and I hope it will be available in Australia soon.

The Rocketbook App is the Link.

When you write in a paper notebook, that’s typically where it stays.

With a Rocketbook, it’s a snap to back it up and place it into your digital business operations. You write your inspiring notes or mark a symbol on the bottom of the page and scan it with the Rocketbook app. What happens next is up to your business workflow.

There are many options for cloud destinations, from sending directly to project management tools like Trello or Slack or emailing your notes to yourself or a client. Save to a cloud drive solution like iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also select multiple outcomes to match your unique next steps. Unlike a paper notebook, note-taking with a Rocketbook and the app, if you lose or leave your Rocketbook behind, it’s safely backed up in the cloud service of your choice.

Save a tree and save your thoughts. 

Paper notebooks are not a solid, sustainable solution. Rocketbook can be reused again and again. Wipe the pages clean with the included microfibre cloth and start fresh. It’s a snap. Just a touch of water on the included cloth and a quick wipe, and each page is ready to reuse.

With a Rocketbook, your inspiration, strategies and thoughts are already part of your searchable, scalable digital flow. You save your notes safely in the cloud and send them directly into a digital battle! You still get to experience that all-important pen-to-paper feel you know and love … as they say, Rocketbooks are the notebooks from the future.

Using a Rocketbook is a guaranteed conversation starter with all of your clients. It’s the best paperless notebook, indeed.

With so many styles, visit their store and read thoroughly. My favourite is the Fusion, and the ingenious Orbit clipboard will have so many uses. When you buy, look at the bundles and don’t forget a pen holder such a handy inclusion.

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