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Website SEO

Launch your website! Don’t just set your website adrift.

Ensure your business website is crawled and found on Google.

How can SEO help your website?

SEO can help your website to be found in your target markets searches. It all starts with having the basics setup. Your business website must be correctly connected to Google and be listed. Without these critical elements, your website will go unnoticed. Your business will miss out on traffic and lead generation, and you won't have any data on visitors. Your business will be flying blind online.

Connection to Google Analytics allows you to track, monitor and measure visitors to your website. You can get to the core of who and where your traffic is coming from. These metrics include location, gender, what browser, social platform (Facebook, Youtube) or computer system and how many of your potential clients are coming to you via mobile or desktop. It will also let you see what page they visited and how long they spent, you can then understand what page is the most popular. If it's not the page or service that you want to be visited the most you can adjust the page or content to make it sticky! With data measures and statistics, you can understand your audience and repoint your website user experience to be more effective and converting. With all the changes in how a website can be connected to Google that are happening right now, having the latest system set up and professionally installed is imperative to your success. A business that can measure and use its data for KPIs will always be more effective. Google console is how your website can be researched - crawled by Google. When your search for a website the results will show an effective console-setup. Pages and content will be shown in what looks like a summary or breakdown. The Google systems need to have access to the entire website via code similar to Google Analytics. Every link and word needs to be visible to its systems so it can learn all about your business and then display it correctly for someone searching for it. Effective initial SEO setups mean the difference between your website and your business being found or being invisible.

Listings are a vital element. To have an active online presence, You must be listed and in all the right places. We have a detailed process to learn where you need to be listed on the web. This includes; industry-specific business listings and adding your website to search engines - internet directory submissions. The team add your details to these listings and directories. This all assists your business to be discovered by potential clients. Maps submissions such as Apple Maps and Google Maps and having a correctly set up Google my Business can be a massive advantage over your competition. 

Searching for a business then reading reviews is how people connect and engage in this digitally-driven landscape. Being found on the web has become even more of a priority over the last two years. More people are searching online than ever before, which is a huge opportunity. Having your website live is only just the start. We have all "Googled" a business and decided whether to visit a coffee shop or where to get your car serviced by the reviews alone. Showing your locality is also a huge consideration; when people search Google for XYX near me .. do you show up? CKP has been hired solely on our Google my Business listing. We know just how important this is. Getting all this done yourself is a massive time commitment. Without the Google partner expertise, you risk missing a setup step.

These elements; Google Analytics, Google Console, Google my Business and your listings setup are just the start. It's the baseline needed for the beginning of your digital marketing journey. Paid advertising is the next step... along with improving your ranking. Talk to the team at CKP to get a solution that is the perfect fit for your business needs.

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