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Avoid Angry Customers – How to update Holiday Hours

March 27, 2023 / Stuart George /

Google Business Profile

Avoid Angry Customers – How to update your Holiday Hours

Don’t keep your customers guessing. Make it easy for them to plan and for you to serve them better. One of the best ways to convey when you are open or closed is your Google Business Profile is your number-one go-to choice (formerly known as Google My Business). Your existing and potential new clients will search for XYX open near me…but the horror….you should have updated your opening hours.

Business owners on holiday taking in the sights on a sunny day in a picturesque town. Relaxing as they know how to avoid angry customers

Why Update Your Holiday Hours?

In this blog, I’ll be covering why you need to update your Holiday Hours and how to do it with our step-by-step guide. There you are relaxing. You are still on holiday, but your clients are still contacting you! The best way to avoid angry clients or customers is to prioritise and update, put the time aside and get it done ASAP.

If you have plans to take a break during the year and, like most Aussies, you love a long weekend, you need to make sure your customers and clients are well-informed. You need to update your Holiday Hours. Read on for Google Business Profile Tips.

avoid angry customers like this man disappointed that the shop he arrived at is closed

Don’t Disappoint Your Clients and Customers.

Listing your holidays and your opening hours is an absolute must. Customers and clients plan their time very carefully; it’s a sign of mutual respect and trust to keep them updated. Suppose they arrive at your office, shop or restaurant after seeing the wrong opening hours on your Google Maps Listing. Their disappointment will leave lasting damage to your brand. Take the time to update your opening hours and your closed holiday days regularly. We are all aiming for work-life balance and taking time to recharge. A break is also the best thing for a business owner’s mental health. Letting everyone know you are taking a break is also a great way to connect with your client community. 

Edit Your Google Business Profile.

Not sure how? Read on..

Google Business Profile screen shots showing how you can edit your information.

Not Familiar with how to do it?

Here’s Our Step By Step Guide 

  1. Search for Public Holidays in your state or country and make a list. Include days you choose to stay closed (birthdays, anniversaries, or any special days for you and your business).

  2. Go to and click “Sign In” in the top right corner of the page. Already signed into Google? Click “Manage”.

  3. From the dashboard, click on the listing for your business.

  4. Hover over your business listing, and click the pencil icon – edit tool.

  5. Select the Hours Tab.

  6. Scroll past Business Hours (check if they are up to date).

  7. Scroll down to the “Holiday Hours” section and click on the pencil icon edit tool.

  8. Click on the + Add a date button.

  1. The date-entry section will appear.

a. Select the date and hours for the Holiday.

b. Tick the closed box.

c. Repeat until you have added all of your Holiday Hours

  1. Click the “Save” button to update your business’s holiday hours.

  2. Review all your dates; if you made an error, click the trash bin icon to remove the date.

  3. If you made any further changes, click the “Save” button to update.

 Remember: Your updated holiday hours may take some time to appear on your Google Business Profile.

Would you like a step-by-step visual guide?

But I don’t have a Google business profile?!

Let’s fix that ASAP. Please register your interest here for our next webinar. I’ll cover setup and ways to grow your business with reviews and content using Google Business Profile.

Enjoy your holidays, and let’s ensure we keep our clients and customers well-informed!

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