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Short Website Domains Are Here

August 17, 2022 / Stuart George /

LATEST .au NEWS.. having the short website domains names for the win!

The .au Priority Allocation Process finished on the 20th of September, 2022. The Priority Allocation of .au domains provides registrants of purchased licenses before launch priority to apply for the matching .au direct name.

After this date, anyone can buy your .au domain name and use it for their own purposes! This is Not Good!! So please be aware If your priority application is NOT received for a .au direct match name by that date, it will become available for registration by the public on 3 October 2022. Protect your brand and buy your .au today.

Short Website Domain, missing low-hanging pot plants and being rained on last. That’s enough about my own vertical challenges… let’s talk short website domain names. Having a short name is very Australian. We often take a short name and shorten it again, so for this arvo in this blog, call me Stu.

I just saw in an insta post from The Project, that being short is cool again; go Tom Holland. I knew it! Read on below for some updates about the super awesome short .au… There are some teething problems with .au … Steps and a short story are outlined below. 

We’re fashionably late to the short party.
The URLs across the globe in Canada, US, NZ and UK have been short for years. It’s about time we got in on the act. The AuDA regulates au URLs for Australia. They do an incredible job of keeping things safe. They are now helping us Aussie businesses get straight to the point. You can buy your .au from Thursday, 24th of March, from all the usual suspects, Godaddy etc. From tomorrow you can have first dibs on your very own domain name shortening .au. (Look out for coming soon).

What happens to the domain on your existing website? Will you still be found? Talk to us here at CKP! We can assist in getting things repointed in the right direction for you. You can leave the long name but buy and redirect. If you are now looking at your website and thinking it’s not worthy of a short domain name and its…short on appeal. Let’s discuss how our web design team can create a custom-designed website that can go “straight to the pool room” (ahh “The Castle”).

What should you do?
The first step – go straight to the place you purchased your domain; for us, it’s GoDaddy. You can buy the new .au domain and then have it all on the same account. You may have your domain name with Crazy Domains; they are currently promoting a pre-order and causing a bit of a panic but wait. Your .au will be available for you as long as your business genuinely owns an Australian domain name and for businesses that match the AuDa guidelines.

What about your emails?
Some businesses may see this as a tall order, with signage and business cards already printed and in use. CKP can get things moving with redesigned and reprinted business cards. Plus, with our IT partner’s assistance, your emails can be shorter too. Just ask us how.

Get ready to be short.
You can now look forward to being shorter and more memorable and put the com org and net behind you! .au is coming. Don’t panic but … also don’t delay. You only have until September before they are all up for grabs for anyone! Protect your brand or come September, you may see an evil clone of your business!

Don’t be like that famous yellow pages ad with your business owner yelling out NOT HAPPY JAN! No offence to any Jans out there; it’s a fabulous short name too. That’s it from Stu about .au

Well, that’s not all, folks..

There have been a few technical issues with my fave domain, the .au. Some businesses are reporting that you need to collect an Auth Code from the Awesome AuDA.

Look out for the link named Priority Token Retrieval. If you go to register to purchase your .au and something goes wrong, there are steps to take.

Go to the Priority Token Retrieval link on the AuDA website. Fill out the details, then copy or screenshot the Priority Token details. Then share those back ONLY to the domain company that you are trying to purchase from.

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