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3 Simple Reasons – Why Video Works.

February 23, 2021 / Stuart George /

3 Simple Reasons – Why Video Works

When was the last time you watched a video online? I bet it was today or maybe yesterday! Quite simply, a video is one of your most proficient marketing tools and we see the results every day in our work with clients. There are 3 simple reasons why video works. As with most marketing tools, it’s all about the outcome. We call it buzz, trust and fun. Let me explain…

1. It’s about the buzz. That’s the reason why video works.

Video creates immediate engagement. Furthermore, a quality, well-scripted video with great music and good talent will hook a viewer faster than an image every time. A potential customer is more likely to stop and watch the rest of your video than click through to an article. The classic marketing framework AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. A well-crafted video does all three. Nothing grabs the attention like a thought-provoking or well-presented video.

2. Video creates trust.

Watching a video of someone selling a product and delivering a great pitch immediately results in greater trust. A well-delivered product or service pitch with a personal connection, describing the problem and solution, puts the viewer at ease. The viewer can then relate to what is being presented as they can relate to the pitch.

Why Video works so well in this instance because the message is conveyed so that anybody watching would think, “They get me”, and they understand how I feel. It’s also easier to provide more information, even a full demonstration. Video works as it enables the customer to quickly understand what the product offers and, ultimately, make a purchase. Nike produces videos that display their incredibly subtle “non-selling” delivery. This creates an emotional reaction drawing in the viewer to the brand.
A classic example is the incredible 60-second Nike “Find your greatness – The Runner” Ad. It shows a young boy running, not a sports person, not an olympian, a boy running because he enjoys it. It evokes an emotional reaction that anybody can run, the classic “just do it” attitude. Not at any time does it “sell” the shoes. It shows that anybody can run for the pure enjoyment of it. A genuinely brilliant video.

3. Watching videos is fun, and that’s why video works.

It’s more enjoyable to watch a story play out rather than read it. It feels effortless. Ever noticed how many people would prefer to watch a movie than read a novel? So the other primary reason video works is that it is so versatile. Video is compelling no matter what you need to sell, whether a service or a product.

As a service provider, you can clearly explain the benefits of using your service. Use the personal touch, and a customer is more likely to pick up the phone because, in a sense, they already feel they know you!

Your product literally comes alive in a video – it becomes real. Use a demonstration, show the benefits of the product and explain its worth. Video adverts are now the most common form of advertising for major global brands like Apple, Google and Samsung, showcasing their products.

Why Video works is because it plays a vital role in showcasing your business, CKP Creative has the know-how you need to create an exceptional video every time; from to Queensland Government, video has become a vital part of their day-to-day marketing mix. It really works! Check out our YouTube Channel to see what we have done to show why video works!

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