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Vimeo vs YouTube; Are your videos on the right platform?

September 19, 2023 / Stuart George /

Vimeo vs YouTube: Are your videos on the right platform?

Vimeo and YouTube are video-sharing and hosting platforms but have some key differences. In this article, I’ll address each platform’s key differences and advantages and how this can benefit you and your business.

YouTube is a more popular platform with a massive user base and a more comprehensive range of content, including user-generated and branded content. YouTube, owned by Google, integrates with other Google services and provides it with significant resources. It’s often referred to as the second-largest search engine on the planet. It has over 2 billion monthly active users, while Vimeo has around 200 million monthly active users.

Ads on your Videos

YouTube is effectively an advertising medium with video content as a billboard. Depending on several variables, YouTube will display ads before and during video playback. If a client has been searching for services similar to yours, YouTube may advertise a comparable service. An active business with a dynamic content strategy will attract the right customers. As they say in business, success can be yours if you turn up! When you publish content regularly to a hungry, targeted audience. You are the authority on the topic. Being on YouTube doesn’t guarantee you more views and instant success. However, if you are not there, someone else will be.

Websites and YouTube Videos.

You can benefit from views added to your YouTube metrics with a YouTube video embedded directly on your website. An embedded video can convey a message, explain complex information or tell a story. Advertisements aren’t displayed when YouTube videos are embedded into websites, only if your website developer knows their craft. You have a captive audience on your website that are there to learn more. You can leverage the power of Google with tracking and viewing data, giving you an advantage in understanding your metrics and the effectiveness of your video content. Your video is hosted for free on one of the world’s biggest platforms, plus you track its effectiveness. More views assist your video content in showing up in the feeds of a potentially massive audience.

Vimeo vs Youtube this image directly from the Vimeo website

Why even consider Vimeo?

Vimeo is an add-free, professional platform focusing on high-quality, creative content. It has a smaller user base and is a favourite of videographers, filmmakers, and other professionals for its advanced features, such as more powerful privacy settings, higher video quality, and support for higher frame rates (resolution). It shares tracking of metrics and the ability to embed videos. Vimeo paid and free plans, with distinct benefits that include storage limits and specific business interaction tools. Need to update a video? Just edit and replace it, retaining the link descriptions and not affecting your embedded videos on a website, blog post or training system. Try that with YouTube…

Vimeo is ad-free and protected.

It’s protected with multiple privacy options and focused on professional quality content. You can upload training or LMS content sensitive/restricted access corporate videos and hide them from prying eyes. Password protected or limited to specific websites with privacy settings. This suits businesses that want content exclusive to a particular audience and controlled. It’s harder to download a Vimeo video; however, you can enable that feature if you want it to be downloadable.

Vimeo is a highly customisable video platform that can be incredibly flexible for business purposes. It offers a variety of features, including interactive gateways with lead collection before play and CTA after viewing (call to action), which make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to keep their content interactive and lead-generating. Many of our clients use Vimeo to restrict access to their content, making it available only to subscribers or for use in learning management systems. Another great advantage of using Vimeo is that videos can be easily updated and replaced, providing flexibility for businesses’ specific content management needs.

In summary, Vimeo vs YouTube, who won?

YouTube is more accessible and focused on mass consumption. It’s a place to build a following and generate revenue from ads. An uploader will be able to be exposed to a broader audience. Growing a YouTube audience and striving to be a content creator is now a viable yet highly competitive space. Vimeo is a strategic, business-focused solution that gives you control over viewership privacy and follow-on actions, a lower audience when your content is solely on its platform. Let’s get your video content in the right place, creating the best possible outcome.

If you still have questions, book a strategy call, and let’s ensure your business videos are on the right platform.

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