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Short Domains for your Australian Website

UPDATES… It’s nice to be short, missing low hanging pot plants and being rained on last. That’s enough about my vertical challenges… let’s talk short website domain names. Having a short name is very Australian. We often take a short name and shorten it again, so for this arvo in this blog, call me Stu.…

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Lead Generation: Using video in your marketing mix

lead generator

Suddenly it’s 2018 and time to look back on the year that was. Casting an eye back over your marketing stats is essential to see what worked and what bombed! Do you feel you achieved some cut through? What was your greatest lead generator? Did you reach your target audience and achieve deep engagement? A…

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Talking with local LinkedIn Specialist Kylie Chown

Local LinkedIn Specialist

Stuart George: Today we’ve got the lovely Kylie Chown. Kylie is a local LinkedIn specialist. I’d love to hear more about how you actually got started in the LinkedIn Specialist business. Kylie Chown: Thanks for having me. Initially I had a career management business. As a result of that, when LinkedIn came out, we found we were…

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