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Your New Logo Discovery

This form is to collect specifications, requirements and content information regarding the design and build of your Business Logo.

Please fill this form out in detail leaving no stone unturned, as designing a logo is a highly collaborative process, even a refresh. The more information you share means that best outcome for you and your business.

What will you receive?

Your logo needs to be flexible for different uses, in print and digital environments. We create:

Stacked: With and without your tag-line (if your business has one)
Full colour, solid (full black, full white) and greyscale
Horizontal full design: With and without your tag-line (if your business has one)
Individual Iconic Mark
Multiple Formats for Print and Web versions: png, jpg, eps, svg
Basic Style Guide

Optional Full Branding Document + Full Style guide

We can look at developing a full branding document. We can discuss later as it can grow and develop as we move through your project.
The full branding doc will include:

    • how to use the logo and brand on social
    • colours
    • fonts
    • design rules
    • imagery rules
    • + more

These guides can be passed on to printers and to media outlets so that you are always represented as you should be.